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Why Is The Wedding Dress White?

In fact, this trend was caused by Queen Victoria of England.

Long ago, foreigners, like Chinese people, usually chose red wedding dresses for their marriages.

But in 1840, Queen Victoria, known as the European grandmother married Prince Albert wearing  a white wedding dress , which shocked the world.

Since then, people have found that marriage can wear white as well as red. With the crazy spread of the queen's wedding paintings, the white wedding dress has become a world trend.

Speaking of this, you must ask why a wedding is powerful enough to change the whole world. There are three reasons:

First, at that time, Britain was at its peak, and the colonies of the Imperial Empire were all over the world . It was the object of imitation by all countries.

Second, Queen Victoria has a high personal prestige. She is a symbol of peace and prosperity in Britain, and has a large number of fans.

Thirdly, the queen is beautiful. She is the embodiment of beauty and wisdom.

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