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Today, white is the mainstream wedding color recognized by most brides around the world. Many brides will choose the white wedding dresses when they choose a wedding dress. In the mouth of the public, the white wedding dress seems to give the bride the beautiful meaning of "clean and tidy" - white like ice and snow, representing purity and innocence. More people believe that this statement is an ancient custom passed down from generation to generation in the West.

The bride's choice of white wedding dress was popular since the 19th century Queen Victoria. In the former West, when you were married, you were not wearing white, but a red color similar to the East.

In the historical records, the first princess to marry in a white bride dress is Philippa of England. According to records, she married in 1406, wearing a long skirt and cloak with white silk, gray squirrel skin and suede piping. The long skirt is similar to today's wedding dress, but she does not wear a veil, but a cloak. However, in any case, this is the first time that a European and American bride wears white when got married. However, the bride wearing white wedding did not become popular. Apparently, in 1572, La Reine  Margo did not wear a white dress when she got married. Thereafter, in 1559, the Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, wore a white wedding dress when she first married. Although in that era, this was the color of the mourning of the Queen of France. The queen likes white most, she doesn't care what it is! The white wedding dress is really popular because of Queen Victoria. When she was married in 1840, she wore a white wedding dress with her favorite lace. Because her wedding photos were widely printed and published, many brides naturally began to follow the trend – “I will wear whatever Her Majesty wears!” It is clear that 1840 was a turning point. Since then, European and American countries have become popular to wear white wedding dresses.

Although the style of wedding dresses has changed over the years, white has never been shaken as the mainstream color of western wedding dresses. After that, white was given the meaning of "chastity". In fact, there was no such statement at the beginning. Instead, blue is the color that represents purity, piety, loyalty and the Virgin. Philippa of England on the rose window of the church is also wearing a blue dress, because this is the color that represents pure loyalty. Therefore, the white wedding dress represents purity, in fact, there is no special religious meaning, and there is no source of reference. Perhaps it is the fallacy of word of mouth, perhaps it is the common understanding of white as ice and snow, and the white wedding dress is connected with the chastity.

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