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What Should Bridesmaids Wear When They Refuse The Ugly Taobao Explosion?

Bridesmaid dress is also a very challenging thing for brides and their girlfriends. In fact, the bridesmaid dress can be beautiful and refined without stealing the bride's limelight. Choosing the most suitable dress for sisters with heart will make the wedding scene very effective.

Do bridesmaids have to dress exactly the same?
The bridesmaid dress of the same color and style is easy for the bride to buy. It is harmonious enough. But the uniform style of couture bridesmaid dresses is the same at first sight.

1.Make patterns at the neckline

It is also beautiful to change the neckline, wipe the chest, hang the neck, slant the shoulder, drop the shoulder and so on. Fat girls wear shoulder style, and thin girls wear breast style. Everyone has her own personality.

2. The same color system can also be unified.

Is this scene a color system with a depth of light beautiful? But it's better to choose the color with higher gray level, so it will look more advanced.

3. Set a dress code

In fact, you can also specify a dress code to allow bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, including color and style. All you need to do is to ensure overall harmony.

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