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What is An Evening Dress? When to Wear the Evening dress?

On some much formal occasions, we all need to wear some specially prepared dresses, including evening dresses. But many people are still vague about the concept of evening dress. What exactly is a evening dress? On what occasion was the evening dress worn?

Ⅰ. What is an evening dress?

By the definition of it, an evening dress is a formal dress worn after eight o'clock in the evening, which is also called a dinner dress and a night dress. Evening dress belongs to the highest level, and is also the one to show your personality. Generally, an evening dress will also be matched with some shawls, coats, and so on, and a lot of ornaments will also worn to create a more perfect image for the ladies.

Ⅱ. On what occasion to wear an evening dress?

In general, evening dress is suitable for the following occasions:

1. Friends' Wedding

For unmarried people, a good friend wedding is a great opportunity to meet friends of the same age. Working attire is too rigid on this occasion which cannot reflect the unique side of your personality. Wearing an long evening dress will make you the most popular companion of that day.

2. Business Reception

Business party, if it is not specially marked to wear casual clothes, please be sure to wear an evening dress to show your importance. Of course, if you are informed in advance that the theme of the reception is not grand, just a party, don't make yourself look like a Hollywood star. A knee-length dress may reflect your candor and youth.

3. Concert and Opera House

Wear silk dress instead of cotton woven short shirt. In addition to the consideration of artistic atmosphere, there is also another reason: The reflection of silk fiber for music is the most reasonable which can make the effect of music more sounded.

4. An upscale restaurant

On this occasion, wine and atmosphere can make an more unforgettable impression than the taste of the dishes. In a friendly and drinkable atmosphere, elegant evening dress will be the blender of the very atmosphere.

5. Formal dinner

Wearing a dress to dinner shows your respect and thanks to the host. Once you wear a high-end dress, the number of people who chewing, hoaxing and getting drunk will be greatly reduced. Wearing evening dress makes people have a bottom line of behavior.

When attending some formal parties, ask the host before if you need to prepare a evening dress to avoid stucking in the embarrassment.

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