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What Figure Does a Fishtail Wedding Dress Fit

People are saying that "it looks good if being thin and no matter what you wear ". Mermaid wedding dress is a very good counter-example, because being thin is not enough to look beautiful in this dress.

If you want to be beautiful with a mermaid dress, the main requirements for your figure are as following:

1. A fine waist

Only a fine waist can make mermaid wedding dress highlight the body's S curve like a “S” when try it on.

2. With large hips

Mermaid wedding dress can not make full use of itself without the full buttocks. Especially from one's back, buttocks plump can bring the straight aesthetic feeling.

So, you must have a small waist and large hips to be able to wear a mermaid wedding dress perfectly. For example, a pear-shaped figure or an hourglass figure.

1.  Pear-shaped figure

The general characteristic of pear-shape figure is that the upper body is thin but the buttocks and legs are plump. So the mermaid tail can hide the stout thigh while revealing the fine waist and the slender upper body.

2. Hourglass-shaped figure

A typical character of the hourglass figure is a big breast and wide hips but thin waist which just fully meet the requirement of the mermaid wedding dress.

Some people say that only tall lady can have the chance to wear a mermaid dress. In fact, this is not the case. As long as you are hourglass or pear-shaped, even if you are not high enough, you can wear high-heeled shoes to lengthen the lower body.

Height is never a limit to choose a wedding dress but your proportion and shape of body. After finishing the talk about what kinds of figures are suitable then let's talk about which figure should avoid mermaid dress. If you are straight figure or limb slender but belly-fatted, both of them are not recommend wearing mermaid wedding dress.

Attention to wearing a mermaid wedding dress:

1. Figure management

Mermaid wedding dress shows one's figure particularly, especially the place of waist and abdomen. So the bride should do body management and do not eat too much to make your belly bumped which will affect the wearing looking.

2. Walk safely

While wearing a mermaid wedding dress, your walking will be elegant but will be inconvenient. Because your legs are "imprisoned" by the wedding dress. So, please slow down your walking pace in case of fall while wearing a mermaid wedding dress.

One can wear a mermaid wedding dress doesn't mean she's tall enough. As long as she have a fine waist and large hips (better with a plum breast), you are encourages to try it! You are welcome to choose your favorite mermaid dress to make you the most beautiful bride in One More Couture.

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