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What Does A Red Wedding Dress Mean?

We all know that red is the most joyous color in China. People like to wear red clothes, especially on a good day like marriage. Wearing a bright red evening dress makes you the most fashionable and beautiful bride. So what does wear a red wedding dress represent at a wedding?

I. What does the red wedding dress represent?

First of all, let's talk about red. Red is a symbol of vitality, health, and enthusiasm. When you wear a red wedding dress, it will give you a warm feeling when you get married. Such clothes will make the atmosphere more festive, and also full of passion and vitality. Not only in China red is liked by people but also in some western countries, it means blessing, too. It represents optimism and a kind of courage and festive meaning. So people will wear a red satin cocktail dress when they get married.

II. Symbol meaning of the red wedding dress

1. Red wedding dress is synonymous with jubilation. In ancient China, when someone returned home after getting fame or money or got the name of“Zhuangyuan”(means the No.1 in the imperial competitive examination) and some newly married couple would wear red clothes on the very day. Because red means the future days of prosperity, happy and peaceful.

2. We all know that marriage is a very delightful thing in life. Therefore, on such an important day, a red wedding dress is necessary. A red wedding dress has also gradually become one of the necessary dresses for brides. Some will wear a white wedding dress when they get married, but they will change to a red wedding dress during the toast round to the guests. From these details, we can tell that the red wedding dress plays an important role at the wedding.

3. with the change of the times, the red wedding dress is also changing. It's not as traditional as before it changes from the invariable cheongsam into the slight gauze with the modern fabric and designation. It has a feeling of grace while wearing it, thus bringing people a gorgeous feeling and the visual shock at the first sight.

After reading the introduction of the red wedding dress, are you also interested in this kind of wedding dress? Welcome to One More Couture to choose your own wedding dress!

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