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What are the Dressing Tips for the Bridal Mother Dress?

As one of the hosts of the wedding, the mother should be responsible for the reception of guests and some stage works. So her dressing and appearance should be elegant and decent with a little formal style.

Ⅰ What's the choice of the bride's mother's dress?

1. Bright coat with dark inner clothes

It's right to wear a joyous style at the wedding so you can wear a dark skirt--the length of the skirt should just over the knee or almost, and then a bright coat, such as an orange woolen coat with an elegant brooch, and the pale yellow mother of the bride dresses can be a good choice. 

2. Two-piece lace dress

If you don't like a long dress, you can try a lace two-piece dress of hollowed-out design that makes the mother look very attractive. Since it is a wedding, a wine red dress shows warmth and delight. Generally, a lace dress has a round collar that can reveal one's beautiful clavicle. A fair mother will look beautiful and generous in that designation.

3. Dress in a shawl

Everyone has a different family background. Some people born in a rich family like the blue blood, then, the mother will naturally have their own unique design, especially noble ladies. They like to wear one piece-dress adding a furry shawl so that to keep warm in the winter. With this dress, they look beautiful and generous, noble, and elegant.

II. Dressing skills for mothers

1. Choose the dress that suits the complexion most

The middle-aged person's skin color is already a little red, so it should avoid red color series, such as red, pink, or orange during the selection. Instead, choosing some clothes in blue or purple bride mother dress can be more in line with the feel of middle-aged people. Cold color, usually bring people a noble and elegant feeling.

2. Avoid a whole body of ivory tint

It's the easiest part to feel if you choose the color of ivory tint for the bride mother dress. If so, people may falsely consider the mother as the bride. If you really want to wear a nude color dress, using a flesh color knit instead, and it's best to match with a figured coat or skirt.

3. Balanced color matching

It's natural to think of bright colors on happy days. If you really like bright clothes, you also need to prepare a plain coat for yourself to avoid too vulgar.

4. Choose the wrinkle-free fabric

People should be sitting for a long time at the wedding. For example, sitting in the car to the hotel and after arriving at the hotel, the preparation works of the ceremony force the parents of both parties must be sitting down. Therefore, the material of the bride mother dress is very important. If you choose silk, cotton, and other fabrics, the clothes have been wrinkled at the end of one part. Therefore, dress fabric needs to be seriously considered.

5. Show the strength of your figure

Mothers are used to wearing long skirts, in fact, this must vary from person to person. Middle-aged women wear a knee-high dress to reveal their thighs and ankles, which will certainly increase their charm. It will also make them look more elegant and much younger.

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