Vintage Wedding Dresses

The choice of wedding dresses is now a variety of, and what kind of wedding styles are available. If you want to be an elegant temperament bride, take a look at these classic vintage wedding dress styles. This style of wedding dress is full of the unique taste of that era.

Several classic vintage wedding dresses:
  • Vintage wedding dress: small fishtail
This was a popular one in the 1970s. It was a transitional period. The delicate fishtail with a one-shoulder wedding dress was a transitional period between restraint and sexy. It brings together contradictions. The woman who likes it is undoubtedly a mature woman with a cold face and a heartfelt heart.
  • Vintage wedding dress: Hepburn skirt
When Hepburn was so popular, her figure still lingers in people's minds. She represents an era that is elegant and noble whenever and wherever. The Hepburn skirt of the 1950s can be said to be a classic in the classic.
  • Vintage wedding dress: three-point sleeves full lace A wedding dress
This style of wedding dress is still a trend even now. Because the three-point sleeve type looks very intellectual, it has the reserved feeling of a Japanese dress. Even if you can wear it after the wedding, you won't feel anything wrong. Cut the skirt of the wedding dress, it is a perfect day dress.
  • Vintage Wedding Dress: Princess Saya
You are undoubtedly dressed as a princess of that era by this style of wedding dress. The elegant beige and simple overall design completely creates the temperament of the noble aristocrats. The three-dimensional bow on the skirt is a little more cute and retro.

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  • Long Sleeves A Line Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses with Train
    Long Sleeves A Line Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses with Train

    This wedding dress can easily attract attention in a simple and sexy style for you. This A line vintage lace wedding dresses with train has long sleeves, which forms a simple, generous and beautiful appearance. It features with a floor-length long skirt and smooth skirt fabric, which clearly reflects the good figure of the lady and adds to the lady's mysterious elegance.

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