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The Specific Steps of Wedding Dress Customing

If you want to have your own unique wedding dress, you can choose to customize it. Now custom wedding dress also gradually becomes a choice of a lot of brides. The most valuable features of customization are the unique designation and fitness of wearing. After our designers getting an understanding of your preferences, requirements, body features, and other aspects, they will highlight your personal figure advantages and designing a few personality-owned wedding dresses for you to choose from. As for the fabric of the wedding dress and other issues, you can have your own choices.

So, what is the specific process of a custom wedding dress?

Ⅰ. 10-12 months before your wedding: first of all, thinking about your demands.

1. Customization for one dress or for all?

2. Semi-custom or fully custom?

Fully customization is a complete design of your own wedding dress while semi-custom is to modify or change the size on the basis of existing styles of dress.

3. If you choose fully custom, which style or element do you want?

Ⅱ. Eight-ten months before the wedding: looking for a reliable and desired dress store

If you choose to customize your dress, the time of preparation must be earlier than to rent one. Because customization needs to make the designation and then to produce. Some processes may need to be hand-made and some details ingredients may come from all over the world so you need to find the dress store you liked and make up your mind 8-10months before the wedding.

Ⅲ. Six-eight months before the wedding: Negotiation of the designation and start the making of the dress

After deciding which dress shop you will choose, you should communicate with the owner about the details of customization, including size, style, elements and etc. If it is fully customized, the designer will show you the design diagram and you should also speak out your ideas at any time. After the style decided, the dress store will start making.

Ⅳ. Two months before the wedding: the first time of try-on

At this time custom wedding dress should have been done. When the bride tries it for the first time, some tips should pay attention to:

1. Focus on those places that needed more flexibility like the neckline, wrist, elbow, and other detailed places.

2. Avoid keeping standing while the try-on. Instead, try to moving around and sit down or bend over.

V. One month before the wedding: the second try-on

This is the second time to try the custom wedding dress after the altering of it. You'd better bring your underwear, wedding shoes, jewelry, and other accessories this time to see the overall dressing effect. If there still have some places you are not satisfied with, tell the designer and alter it again.

Ⅵ. 2 weeks before the wedding: finally try-on and get back the wedding dress

If there is no problem with this fitting, you can take the cheap custom wedding dress back home. Because the wedding is not coming soon, do not hang out in the wedding dress now. It will make the wedding dress lose its shape. To put it in the bag given by the dress shop and keep it properly.

Ⅶ. The day before the wedding: hang up the wedding dress and iron it

One day before the wedding, you can take out the wedding dress. If there are wrinkled places, you can slightly iron it. Be careful and do not make it dirty.

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