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Some Details You Didn't Know About Grace Kelly's Wedding Dress

Decades before the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana swept the world with their bride's weddings, American actress Grace Kelly set the standard for royal weddings in her marriage to Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1956. That day, the Oscar winner became a real princess, and she was undoubtedly one of them.

1. Lace has many embellishments.

The seamstress re-sew the antique Brussels lace on the corset to hide any seams and add hundreds of seed pearls.


2. The clothes are broken down into ten parts.

The wardrobe department of the studio created a "fairy princess" look piece by piece. The lace corset also came with non-slip, skirt and corset. The short silk grosgrain skirt has a foundation, pleated and smooth petticoat underneath. Finally, a train and silk grosgrain cummerbund completed the dress.


3.Her cap featured a flower crown.

Kelly didn't elaborate the headdress, but chose the Juliet hat to fix the veil in place. The headdress includes more pearls and lace, as well as a garland of paper orange blossoms.


4. The circular veil had an important purpose.

As an A-list movie star, Kelly's wedding was no small affair. She wore a specially designed veil that kept her face as visible as possible to the 600 guests and estimated 30 million viewers watching from afar. Appliqued lace motifs around the edges included two tiny lovebirds.


5. A penny is hidden in her shoes.

Prince Rainier III is already close to his fiancee, so the bride only wears 2.5-inch high heels. David Evins designed high heels and added seed pearls and lace, just like a sexy lace wedding dress. He embossed her name in the left shoe and his own in the right shoe, where he also added a copper penny for good luck.

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