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Romantic Collisions of Purple and Pink

Pinkish purple is a romantic color with a gentle temperament that many people can not resist and always love it within a second. The color series of pink and purple can create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere, which symbolizes elegance, nobility, and charm.

Pink purple not only possesses the romance of pink but also has the elegance of purple. Applying such color to the dress, you definitely can attract the attention of everyone.

Gown generally refers to the clothes worn at formal social occasions, which is mainly in a type of dress. Ladies should choose the right dress according to the type and venue of the event. If it is a formal private dinner with less than ten people, an elegant knee-length dress will be enough; If there are formal dinners, celebrations, or official events with more than 20 people, you shall wear an elegant ankle-length dress (not too long and with no trail); If it is a more lively large formal event, such as a ball or birthday celebration of an important person, you can wear a dress that is a little short. If you happen to be going to attend a ball or a banquet, and realize that there is no suitable dress in your wardrobe, why don't you come to One More Couture to buy one of pink and purple quinceanera dresses:

Purple and Pink Dresses with Ruffled Organza:

The gorgeous purple-pink dress has a cute neckline. Its bodice is featured with pleats, adorned with detailed beading on side waist. The skirt is mixed with purple and pink ruffles. This pink and purple dress is bright in color and light in texture. It is very suitable for you to attend cocktail parties and banquets. Wearing it, you can get a lively and romantic feeling mixed with a hint of nobility and mystery.

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