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Retro Classic Design of Hundreds of Years'Wedding Dresses 1

Whether married or not, in fact, every girl is eager to have a beautiful white wedding dress, hoping that she can live like a princess. 

In fact, the history of the bride wearing wedding dress is less than 200 years (especially white wedding dress). Traditionally, when females get married, they choose blue, pink or other favorite colors as the wedding dresses. The working class and the civilian class prefer the "dirty" colors such as black and grey so that they can still be worn as dresses in the future.

Prelude: The First Pure White Wedding Dress - Queen Victoria

When Queen Victoria married her cousin Prince Albert in 840, she chose a white brocade and lace wedding dress, which led the fashion trend of the 19th and 20th centuries. Since then, the white wedding dress has become the common color of the wedding dress all over the world.

Development: 1900s-1920s: Before World War I
With the advent of 1900, the mind was not liberated, so the sleeves of the wedding dress were still loose with a little outline of the long sleeves, and the whole arm was a little conical. All wealthy married females wore white dresses and tight bodices, while the other poorer brides chose blue and pink dresses.

Ten years later, in 1910, the Imperial Line Dresses became popular as the Edward VII era came to the end. The waist began to rise. In the 1920s brides usually chose shorter sleeves and dresses with complex lace patterns.

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