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Now more and more brides want to have their own wedding dresses instead of renting wedding dresses that she once wore. However, the wedding dresses sold on the market are only suitable for some brides who are thinner. Many women who are full or slightly obese are hard to buy a wedding dress at the outside bridal shop, and there are few style choices. They have to face the embarrassing situation that they wear an unfit wedding dress when they try on, which will make them feel embarrassed!

In Europe and the United States, although the average size of a woman's wear is 12 yards, the average size of a bride is 8 yards. For a bride wearing Plus Size, it's not easy to find a wedding dress that fits her size, let alone find the ideal style in her mind. But for the Plus Size brides who are full, they still have a beautiful princess dream. In fact, there are a lot of beautifully designed Plus Size wedding dresses. The full-bodied or slightly obese brides can now easily find their own beautiful wedding dresses!

Onemorecouture would recommend a plump or slightly fat bride to choose some simple design-based wedding dresses, preferably with a straight line. The upper part of the wedding dress should be close to the body, not too loose; the skirt hem should have a little curvature, but not too bloated, it is best to have a small A-Line wedding style. The wedding dress fabric is better with satin Satin. Because of the shiny and drape of the satin fabric, it is easy to stretch and extend the overall line. If someone like elegant and romantic lace fabric wedding dresses, they should try to choose some simple styles. For the neckline, it is recommended that the low-neck styles are V-neck or chest-chest styles. The last thing to note is that the wedding dress decoration should not be too much, because the body is already full, too much decoration will only cause too much cumbersome feeling.

In terms of accessories, the veil can subtly cover a slightly fat upper body, and the length is preferably a shoulder or a veil that is longer than the shoulder. If the stylist is well handled, it can also cover a part of the thicker shoulders and arms. This is a very effective way to decorate the meat, and the beautiful veil has a finishing touch on the entire bride's wedding dress, making the overall look More outstanding.

Finally, it is suggested that every full-bodied bride must choose a corset underwear to wear when matching the wedding dress because well-made corset underwear has a good effect of self-cultivation, can skillfully collect excess body fat, so that it can better show the body lines!

Our existing Plus Size wedding dresses give all the Plus Size girls more choices so that they can fully express the bride's femininity and body curves, leaving the best memories at the wedding. We hope that more brides will be happy to wear their favorite wedding dresses. Our collection of Plus Size wedding dresses is very elegant and beautiful so that all the brides wearing it can exude a confident charm!

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