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Notices of Custom Wedding Dress

Generally speaking, the wedding dress worn by the bride on the big day can be divided into the rented dresses and the customized ones, among which custom wedding dress can be made according to the figure, preferences, and wedding venues of the bride, which is more popular among young people today. The following is the notices of a custom wedding dress :

1. The Size of the Wedding Dress is Not the Thinner the Better

Especially for those girls who are not satisfied with their figures, they will feel that the wedding dress must be as tight as possible, which will make their figure look better. In fact, there is no need to "sacrifice" the comfort to achieve this goal. When taking the measurement for making a custom wedding dress, try to keep your body right straight and breathe naturally to ensure the accuracy of the size measurement.

2. The Price of Wedding Dress Shall Be Within Acceptable Range

Although the wedding is very important to females, it is not necessary to pursue the grandness of the wedding rites at the expense of the later quality life. One shall choose the wedding dress according to personal economic conditions. If your budget is limited, you shall visit a few more custom wedding brands to choose cheap custom wedding dresses.

3. How to Choose Between the Texture and Comfort of the Wedding Dress Fabric

Now, the common wedding dress fabrics include silk, satin, chiffon, tulle, lace, silk, and so on. When choosing a custom wedding dress, the texture and comfort of all kinds of fabrics are different. For example, many brides like silk fabric nowadays, because silk usually gives people an elegant and noble feeling and it's comfortable. But the real silk is a bit milky yellow. Ladies who dislike this point shall be cautious.

4. Choose Different Wedding Dresses for Different Figures

If a lady has a certain understanding of cloth matching, she can understand that the style of clothing will be a great embellishment to one's figure. Women of different figures shall not choose the same type of wedding dress. The notice of the custom wedding dress is to choose the dresses based on their own figure characteristics. If you are a petite girl, do not try to choose the ones with a too fluffy skirt, and a high waist dress with pleating on the waist will make you look higher; the lady with a plump figure shall choose a dress with a straight cut, lace hem, and a lower bodice as much as possible. The ladies with their figure shape of H, apple, or pear also have to consider more on the wedding dress based on their own figure characteristics.

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