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Speaking of the mermaid wedding dress, the first thing that comes to mind is the mermaid's tail, which is of mysterious elegance and beauty. Legend has it that mermaid is a beautiful woman with waist as its upper body and scaly tail as its lower body. They are pure and kind. Later, Mermaid came to the shore and met the hero in two generations. They showed their sweet love to the audiences.

Mermaid wedding dresses mainly give the impression of sexy charming, noble and generous. The bride shows her better body curve because of the right cut of the dress. Despite the nice looking, you should also pay attention to the inconvenience because of the dress's hemline.

What shape of mermaid wedding dress suits a bride?
The shape of mermaid dress is like a fish. It wraps people tightly above the knee. Under the knee, the mermaid blossoms outwards. It highlights the beautiful figure of women. Many people think that mermaid wedding dress is only suitable for girls whose figure is close to perfect. However, some people say that the requirements of mermaid wedding dress are not so harsh. It is suitable for women of different postures. People have different opinions towards this issue. So what kind of bride is a mermaid wedding dress suitable for? Let's learn about the characteristics of mermaid wedding dress.

1. Thin waist, at least do not have fat. Because the mermaid wedding dress is to narrow waist.

2. Don't be too full buttocks. Mermaid wedding dress is tailored to show the curvilinear beauty of the body. Too full will have a certain bad impact. If the buttocks are not curvy enough, the high waist lotus leaf wedding dress can be perfectly decorated.

3. Tall, not too short. Mermaid wedding dress is to show the sexy noble temperament. If the woman is too short, it will affect the looking. But you can use high heels to make up, which can not only rise your height, but also modify the legs.

4. Don't be overweight. Most brides who choose mermaid wedding dress are slim and curved. But because of the close tailoring, they will have some modification to their figure. So as long as there is no "swimming ring" on their belly or no too full hips, slightly fat and curved brides can choose mermaid wedding dress.

Mermaid skirt highlights the elegant lines of women. The right cut can show the bride's slender body, so there can a contrast between the slender waist and supporting crotch. Generally speaking, in most cases, it is more appropriate and more sexy and noble for tall, curved brides to choose mermaid wedding dress. But as long as the body is moderate and curved, it is also possible to try mermaid wedding dress.

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