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How to Choose the Bride's Red Wedding Dress?

As a color related to good luck and delight, red often used in the wedding. A red wedding dress is also the bride's favorite. The following passage is to introduce the way of choosing a bride's red wedding dress and some styles recommended for the bride's red wedding dress.

Ⅰ. How to choose the bride's red wedding dress

1. By the height

Brides are walking around at the wedding so the convenience of doing activities when wearing a wedding dress is so important. One should make the choice of the red wedding dress by her own height and the floor-length is the most recommended because it can help to avoid the situations of stepping on it to make it dirty. A short dress is obviously more convenient, but it should not be too short in case of being undignified.

2. By the color

Red-colored items can be divided into many other colors. Different colors are suitable for people with different skin colors. Fair-skinned brides can basically handle any color while the darker brides are more suitable for wine red. In the red-colored items, Chinese red is the most representative. Chinese red is almost the same as the true red and it's suitable for all brides in any color which can be a good highlight of the bride.

a. A standard figure

The bride with a standard figure has a wide range to choose from. Because the size of the boost and hips are almost the same so the design of a short red satin dress can be chosen to show the curve of the bride's waist and her fabulous body shape.

b. A plump figure

A bride with a plump figure can choose a wedding dress in the design of a high-waisted style. A high-waisted style wedding dress can cover the belly fat. The bride with the thicker legs can choose the wedding dress with the design of short in the front and long in the back part. This kind of style of the wedding dress can hide the true shape of your leg so that a perfect bride can be presented to all. Of course, you can also use a corset to adjust the figure curve but for those who have a plump body should pay attention to carefully choosing the tight-style wedding dress.

c. Tall and thin

Those tall slim brides who lack the beauty of the curve should focus on adding a sense of curve beauty while selecting a wedding dress. A tight high-waisted wedding dress can show the figure curve better adding the design of high-waisted to lengthen legs.

1. Red wedding dress with the design of keen-length lower hem and a stand collar

For those brides who liked a red wedding dress, a red wedding dress with the design of a keen-length lower hem and a stand collar is a good choice. The red wedding dress in the knee-length has the features of a simple appearance, the sense of elegance, convenience for walking, and show the festive sense greatly.

2. Red wedding dress with the design of high-waisted and backless

Bride red wedding dress The style of high-waisted and backless is also popular among the brides. The obvious backless design of the wedding dress is the highlight of the whole wedding which secretly adding some sexy and romantic sense.

3. Red V-neck tight dress

The red V-neck tight dress can frame the face properly so brides with a round face can try this style. With a sense of sexy of the V-neck design which added the tight style making the bride's curve presented perfectly.

4. Red satin wedding dress

The red stain wedding dress has two more common dress styles: the cheongsam and the guaqun(coat matched with the skirt). The guaqun has a special design of its lower hem which owning a stronger sense of rhythm and layers by the layer effect of diamond tulle and stain.

5. Red dress with sequins

Among the bride's red wedding dress styles, dresses with sequins are more popular. The glittering sequins not only show the noble image of the bride but also add a sense of splendor.

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