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How Can a Mother Dress Better When Her Daughter Gets Married?

It is necessary and a must-to-do thing to choose a suitable formal dress for mothers at a wedding. They worked hard for their whole life, shouldn’t bloom on this very day once?. So how to choose a suitable and decent dress for them? These helpful dress selection strategies for the kindest you!

1. Forms of Wedding

Forms of today's wedding vary from the Chinese, western, Japanese, Korean; and positioning from these areas, a lot of novel wedding forms can be created like art with a little fresh feeling, campus theme, plain style, and so on. In order to make the whole wedding appears harmoniously, the forms of a wedding can be taken into consideration for choosing the bride mother dress.

Chinese wedding: Cheongsam/Chinese style suits, Chinese long dress; 

Western-style wedding: dinner dress, western-style long dress

2. Tones of Wedding

Every wedding will have a particular theme like every wedding will also have the main tone. When selecting the bride mother dress, we can start from this main tone. Try to choose these colors matched with the main tone to make it look better.

3. Shell Fabric of the Dress

Fabric is the most important link in selecting all kinds of clothes. The quality of the fabric will not only have affection for the texture of the clothes but also affect one's experience and beauty who try the dress. For example, cotton, linen, and silk, although they are very comfortable to wear, it is easy to be a wrinkle in a long time to keep sitting. If you choose this kind of clothes for your mother, it is a little troublesome and easy to affect her overall appearance. Therefore, generally speaking,  we do not recommend this kind of fabric for the bride's mother's dress.

4. Shape of Body

It is said that built-to-suit, in fact, is a matter of figure. Just like one who has a better figure will look good when wearing the cheongsam; However, a fatty body will look bad on cheongsam. Therefore, the figure factor should be taken into account in the selection of the bride mother dress so as to fit one's specific body. For a bigger figure, the plus size mother of the bride dresses can be chosen.

Thin mother: Choose a narrow skirt with plicated designation on the chest and shoulder. When the weather is cold, they can add a shawl to increase the sense of hierarchy and feel more delightful and graceful.

Big mother: You can choose a long skirt, suit dress or two-piece dress like the A-line style. These kinds of designations can show your body shape in a more beautiful way.

I hope you can find the right bride mother dress in One More Couture to help you to become the best at your wedding.

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