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Four Tips to Maintain Your Wedding Ball Gown

The Importance of Maintaining the Wedding Ball Gown

In many European countries, wedding ball gowns are handed down from generation to generation. The status of a wedding ball gown can be seen in the happy moments of couples. Many girls have a dream of wearing a wedding ball gown. Although they wear wedding ball gown once in a lifetime, many couples choose to buy one, because it is the best testimony to a relationship. Although the wedding ball gown has been put in the closet, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, your wedding ball gown will inevitably wrinkle. How to keep your wedding ball gown as new as before?

Tips for Maintenance of Wedding Ball Gown

1. Most wedding ball gowns are made of yarn, and some beads and flowers are usually attached to the wedding ball gown, which inevitably leads to the cracking of the wedding ball gown and the loosening of beads, which will seriously affect the overall beauty of the wedding ball gown, so you should find a special wedding ball gown shop to help repair the wedding ball gown.

2. The next step is cleaning. Unlike ordinary clothes, a wedding ball gown is also very exquisite. When choosing a wedding ball gown, ask about the fabric and cleaning method of it, which is crucial for later maintenance. Get a professional cleaning shop cleaning in time after the wedding. Don't dry it casually.

Be sure to choose a mild detergent when cleaning the wedding ball gown, and carefully remove stains when washing. After washing the wedding ball gown, don't dry it under the blazing sun. It should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, and then fold it and stored in a cool and dry place. Don't store it in a hanger, which will easily cause the clothes to deform after hanging for a long time.

3. After washing the wedding ball gown, don't rush to put it in the wardrobe. First, hand over the wedding ball gown to a skilled ironer and iron it by hand.

4. Take out the wedding ball gown regularly to stretch it is a key step to keep the wedding ball gown safe and sound. It can not only make the wedding ball gown breathable but also restore the elasticity of the wedding dress skirt.

A wedding ball gown, as a witness of love, is very meaningful. Although it's troublesome to maintain the wedding ball gown, we still need to pay attention to maintenance and save this beautiful memory.

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