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  • Purple Flower Girl Dresses
    Purple Flower Girl Dresses

    The purple flower girl dresses without sleeves were made from different unique materials. Flower applique lends intricate texture to this simple girl dress bodice with a white round neckline. The long skirt on the lower body is mainly designed with a layered purple and fluffy skirt. This wedding dress forms a simple, generous and beautiful appearance, which clearly reflects the girl’s good figure and youthful innocent temperament.

  • Gold Flower Girl Dresses
    Gold Flower Girl Dresses

    This charming gold flower girl dress without sleeves is made of special materials. The upper body is sewn with glittering sequins, which is very eye-catching. The lower body is a short skirt, which is designed into a multi-level skirt with light yarn. A unique floral decoration is added to the waist, and the lightweight material is also used. The overall feeling of this dress is young, lightweight and very attractive. No one can easily look away from you in such a skirt.

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