Wedding Hair

Five Different Styles of Wedding Hair 2

Style 3: Charming and moving
The thick bangs on the side can effectively modify the face. The fluffy low bun is casual and natural, and the layered shape is impressive. The two wavy curls hanging behind your ears show the elegance of female incomparably. You are an unrivalled elegant princess. You'd better put blue diamond flower ornaments on the side of your hair bun. The gentleness of women blossoms quietly like flowers.

Style 4: Random and Natural

You lead a simple life. It is the same in the wedding. It is not necessary to have too many complicated hairdressing procedures or decorations of luxurious accessories. After the hair is parted on the side, you can pull out a fluffy bun on the back side of your head and match it with a headdress decorated with feathers, pearls and satins. What a free and generous fairy! The key point of modelling is to build the fluffy degree of hair, which effectively shows the delicate five features.

Style 5: Romantic Combination of Ancient and Modern
Let's have a collision between the ancient and the modern. Fashion mixing is popular nowadays. Hairstyles can also mix up fashionable styles. In the modern high-rise cake hairstyle, bead chains with flowers meander freely, and sapphire fringes naturally stick to the hair above the eyebrows. The gorgeous manner is obvious. What a modern version of the journey! The key point of styling is to make the hair fluffy up to a certain height, and maintain a bright hair quality.

Matching with chantilly lace wedding dress, you can make your wedding hair a highlight at your wedding.
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