Wedding Hair

Five Different Styles of Wedding Hair 1

Wedding hair is a highlight of the wedding. A good hairstyle can make the bride more attractive. Wedding hair represents different styles. Here are five main styles.

Style 1: Noble and elegant

Do you want to be a temperamental bride? The classic Hepburn hairstyle is worth trying. With high-rise hair bun, and noble crown accessories, low-key noble noble temperament naturally emanates, and fit and flare wedding dress. The bright forehead is full and sexy, and the whole shape is like budding stamens. Crown will be the focus of the whole hairstyle. In order to highlight the nobility of the Queen, you can choose luxurious diamond crown, bright pearl crown, of course, crystal crown is also worth reference. With the makeup that highlights the lines of the eyes, the retro noble bride stands out.

Style 2: Fresh and pleasant
It makes you like an elf falling into the world. Four or five sparkling flower drills are embellished on the high hair bun. It is noble without losing the common people's affinity. Wear a white shawl behind the hair bun. The shape is fresh and pleasant. With light and transparent makeup, full and moist lips, you are a beautiful Korean - style bride.

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