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Five Common Wedding Dress Styles

The wedding dress selection is one of the most important wedding items for new couples. With more and more various styles now, there are more and more choices for them, too. Today, we will introduce the different styles of wedding dresses for you. If you need it, please keep reading. There are several common wedding styles:

1. Elegant wedding dress

Elegance is similar to beauty, but beauty is a gift of god and elegance is the product of art. Many women want to show their elegance in life because an elegant woman is often more attractive. So for the brides, they also want to show elegance at the wedding all the time. In addition to elegant behaviors, owning one of the simple and elegant wedding dresses is the first step for brides to show their elegance. Brides can choose some fabrics of pure luxurious silk smooth soft chiffon cloth matching with delicate lace or small particles of sequins which can make them more elegant and stunning.

2. Little fresh and gorgeous style

Most of the fresh style lies on simplicity and refreshment which focus more on the recall of nature with refreshing feelings. Brides are not suggested to be with heavy and strong makeup or wedding dress. Otherwise, the fresh feeling will be destroyed. This kind of wedding dress is suitable for art-liked and sweet-looking brides.

3. European classical court style wedding gown

With a strong makeup and it has the overall trend of the preference for retro and luxury. The tone of it is mainly focused on luxury and decency. It emphasizes the background like the nobles in the Dark Ages is the most used. A new couple wearing a European noble wedding dress shows the beauty of classics.

4. Romantic wedding dress

A wedding is a place full of romance no matter for the love of the new couple or the overall atmosphere of wedding arrangements, which shows the sense of romance and happiness all the time. Brides can choose the mermaid wedding dress or princess style wedding dress matching with gorgeous embroidery or beads and then with exquisite head veil and high-heeled shoes to show the beauty and sweetness of them easily.

5. Minimalist wedding dress

It's suitable for those independent girls. Exquisite tailoring and high-grade fabric are the advantages of the minimalism. Those simple lines can show one's features best and can stand the bride out of the people and showing the level and quality of the wedding dress.

Above all are some common types of wedding styles and which one is the most suitable for you? Please come to One More Couture to pick your favorite wedding dress and have a try!

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