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Fabric is the Soul of a Dress

What determines whether a dress is high-end or not? In addition to design and style, the fabric, in fact, is the soul of an evening dress ( so is the wedding dress). Speaking of custom fabric, there is always a lot to say. Then, what are the fabrics for the dress? Here are some of the answers for you:

1. Silk

Silk, is the most valuable dress fabric, with a soft and smooth texture and various colors. It is cool and comfortable to wear. Silk, known as the "Queen of Fibers ", is favored by people from ancient to modern times by its unique charm. It is divided into 14 big categories and 43 smaller categories, some including crepe, heavy crepe, smooth crepe, georgette, double georgette, heavy georgette, brocade, satin, plain crepe, elastic crepe, warp knitting, and so on. It is usually used as a dressing surface wrapping the satin lining to create a romantic and elegant feel. With its unique pendant feel and soft and smooth texture, silk is the first choice for a summer dress with the most naturally noble feel.

2. Chiffon

Chiffon, a light, soft and elegant fabric, whose name comes from the French word CHIFFE , which means a kind of light and transparent fabric. Chiffon can be divided into silk chiffon and emulation silk chiffon. The general composition of silk chiffon is 100% polyester (a chemical fiber), which has the inherent advantages of chiffon. Compared with silk chiffon, the color of emulation silk chiffon is not easy to fade after being washed many times, not afraid of exposure to sunlight, convenient to take care of, better in solidarity, and applied more on the chiffon wedding dress. With its superior drape feeling and comfortable body touch, Chiffon is commonly used by designers as the main materials in summer. Whether for sexy cutting styles or simple ones, you can easily match it with other clothes. It is charming, chic, and elegant, always making you feel very relaxed.

3. Dress satin

Dress satin, whose surface is smooth and lustrous, has a heavy texture which is widely known as Korean straight satin, twill satin, Italian silk, Japanese satin (also known as acetic acid satin), and so on. Designers usually use it in winter dress design, matched with simple and generous style, with little decoration, enhancing the natural luster of satin. The thickness of the fabric makes itself strongly plastic. Plus lining, fishbone, chest pad, and other accessories, it can cover up the defects of the figure, being the perfect embodiment of a woman's maturity and elegance.

4. Organza

Organza, also known as Kogan yarn, is light and transparent. There are silk organza and emulation silk organza. And the silk organza is a kind of silk series category fabric. With certain hardness by itself, it is easy to be shaped, widely used in the wedding dress in Europe and America.

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