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Do You Know the Details of the Ladies' Cocktail Dresses?

Ⅰ. What is a cocktail dress?

In short, cocktail dresses are formal dresses, but more casual. Under normal circumstances, cocktail dress is a collective term. Anniversaries, parties, engagements, weddings and other events are typical occasions for cocktail parties, and the clothes that are suitable for wearing are collectively referred to as cocktail dresses.

Ⅱ. 7 tips of wearing trendy cocktail dresses

1. Don't wear light dresses

Don't wear any transparent, inferior clothing at cocktail party, or clothing that draws you unnecessary attention. Pay attention to your neckline and don't be too sexy. Little black cocktail dresses are an eternal choice, sleeveless dress, long sleeves, all of which can be chosen.

2. Don't wear oversized dresses

You can wear a medium dress. Avoid dresses that are too long and too big to attend cocktail parties. You can choose trendy cocktail dresses like short red cocktail dresses.

3. Don't wear jeans

Jeans may be your ultimate comfortable wear, but since they are not in the formal clothing category, they are not suitable for cocktail parties. 

Trendy cocktail dresses are something you should wear when you attend a cocktail party.

4. Don't carry huge bags

You can carry a handbag. As a woman, I know that we want our bags to be like a small convenience store, ready to take out what we need. But attend a cocktail party you should change your mind. Ladies' small backpack is a good choice. You can also take a small and stylish handbag. If you think the bag is not big enough, then you can put the big bag in the car and put absolutely necessary things such as money and mobile phones in your handbag.

5. Don't wear slippers

You can wear high-heeled shoes or high-heeled sandals. We all like to wear slippers or flip-flops when we are relaxing. In the cocktail party, high heels, platform high heels, high heel sandals and other slightly formal shoes can be worn.

6. Don't wear too many accessories

Accessories have great uses in enhancing the overall effect of your clothing, but excessive accessories are definitely not suitable for attending a cocktail party. You only need to wear one or two accessories, such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, to add the finishing touch.

7. Don't let your underwear or shoulder straps show through

Use strapless bras or chest stickers. Never show your bra or show your shoulder straps at a cocktail party, this is not appropriate.

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