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Common Design and Development Trend of Couture Wedding Garments in 2019


The wedding dresses 2019 displayed at Fashion Week surprised everyone. These dresses were unveiled by top designers who created real bridal masterpieces. Their dresses have unique lace, modern style, interesting jumpsuits, sexy deep V-neck and many other designs. All these details have attracted people's attention and left a deep impression.

Common design:

1. Modern Flower Decorative Wedding Dresses
Designers offer different choices to apply flower decals to wedding dresses. Flower drawings can be of various colors and components. They are located on the main fabric of the dress and the upper layer (cloak). Designers especially like dresses with creamy white patterns, soft pink and cream tones. Bulk flower printing can decorate skirts, shoulder straps and hems.

2. Asymmetric neckline
This is a very bright and provocative trend in 2019. It is noteworthy that this year, designers pay special attention to the top of the wedding dress, and actively experiment in this direction. Therefore, in addition to asymmetrical lines, elegant corsets, shoulder-hung lines, V-shaped notches, necklaces and necklaces are popular corsets.

3. Bride Cloak Dresses
Elegant cloaks are one of the main wedding trends in 2019. A lightweight cloak can be used as part of a garment as an additional decorative element. The cloak removed the veil. This style, though somewhat Style for the Royal Family, fits perfectly with any budget and theme rituals.

4. Wedding Dresses in Pants
In 2019, wedding dresses and overalls topped the list. Fashion designers simply display an irrepressible Fantasy - on the T stage, you can see different wedding dresses designed into trousers. It can be wide palazzi pants and narrow trousers, matte crepe, transparent lace and silk texture with flower decoration, shortened length or Maxi pants worn with shoes.

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