Wedding Dresses

Classification of Online Wedding Dresses

Wearing a wedding dress is the dream of every girl. Nowadays, everyone's requirement for a wedding dress is higher and higher. When the bride wears a wedding dress that suits her, she will show her the most beautiful appearance.

The wedding dresses online are basically divided into A-line skirt, mermaid skirt, sheath skirt, and ball gown. On the basis of these four skirt styles, the dresses different in the necklines and the train lengths.


1. One-shoulder

I believe many brides like the shoulder outline drawn by the perfect cutting of one-shoulder, but it's not suitable for everyone.

Fit: Brides with perfect shoulder outline, relatively small chest, and perfect lines of collarbone and neck.

Unfit: Brides with relatively broad shoulders and a round chin.

2. Tube top

The tube top is a relatively classic style and can be said to be suitable for almost all figures. This simple and generous design has a kind of low-key and simple beauty.

Fit: Plumply figure with relatively broad shoulders.

Unfit: Brides who don't have full shoulders can't handle this skirt well and can't hold up it.

3. Heart-shaped collar

Sweetheart is a popular style in recent years, not only for its good name but also for its style extremely decorating one's face shape and revealing both sweetness and a little sexiness. It’s exactly the right choice for any bride who wants a special bride dress.

Fit: Sweet brides, plump brides.

Unfit: Don't want to expose one's breasts and whose breasts are relatively small.

4. V-Neck

V neck is a kind of style related to personal preferences. Rightly fitted V-neck can show the perfect figure of the bride.

Fit: Eager to show one's figure.

Unfit: Too thin brides.

5. High Neck

High neck wedding dress, retro and noble, embellished with lace or tulle and a bun hairdo, appears outstanding temperament.

Fit: Bony figure with a slender and long neck.

Unfit: brides with a relatively short neck.

6. Irregular Neck

An irregular neck has an asymmetrical beauty, attracting the eyes of the audience to one's upper body, cute and sexy. If you want a wedding dress with a good design, this is your first choice.

Fit: Brides with broad and straight shoulders and plumply breasts.

Unfit: Round shoulders.

II. Trailing length

1. Mermaid

Every girl has a dream to become a mermaid princess. The mermaid train will expose one's figure defects, but a good mermaid style will present the most beautiful part of your figure.

Fit: Tall and slender brides.

Unfit: Brides with fat legs.

2. Ball Gown

No one will refuse a ball gown of Princess. And it's really widely suitable. It's sweet, lovely, and can impress others.

Fit: Sweet-looking and princess-loving.

Unfit: None.

3. A-Line

A-line wedding dress sets off the bride more gentle and thinner by its smooth cut.

Fit: Brides with the fat bottom body.

Unfit: None.


The most unlikely to be a wedding dress contrasted to others for its daily feel, but its style is simple, generous, and elegant.

Fit: Prefer loose and simple dress.

Unfit: Petite figure.

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