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Choose the Most Sutable Color for your Wedding Dress

Common color combinations:

I believe that many people have always thought that the wedding dress only has one color-white. Because whether in life or TV series, white dress is the most common on. But the fact is that there are many kinds of wedding dress color, and short white wedding dresses are not necessarily the most suitable for us. Just like the daily color matching of clothes, it is also very important to choose the right color for your wedding dress.

Nowadays more and more color matches are available:

Generally speaking, the most common color combination is pink and purple. For many girls, pink is a very common dress color, which will make your skin look whiter while wearing it. It also makes you seem younger. But if only wearing pink at the wedding, it will appear more frivolous. After all, the marriage represents a very important thing, which is the signal of maturation. Wearing a pink, which is suitable for a girl, will be a little undignified. But if you mix peach and purple, it will show a different effect. Purple itself represents a solemn and deep mystery. Therefore, in ancient China, it belongs to the color only worn in the palace. Nowadays there are no taboos, but the mysterious effect of purple is still there. When it is combined with the younger peach, it can show a feeling full of femininity and appears more solemn.

Secondly, the more common wedding dress color matching is yellow and orange, both of which are warm colors. They usually represent a warm life. Once used in the wedding, it will show different effects. It will make the whole occasion very lively. At the end of the second phase of the wedding, the couple will interact with their relatives and friends. Wearing this color amount, it will be very affinity. It will also be more effective in communication. Normal weddings are believed to be warmer and livelier. It's a good choice.
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