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Who said that the wedding dress must be white? In recent years, with the diversity of wedding dresses, in addition to white, more and more colors have become the considerations for brides to choose wedding dresses, such as pink, pink blue, light silver, champagne and so on. Among them, champagne wedding dresses are especially popular among the public. So, what are the matching techniques for champagne color wedding dress?

Tip 1: Match skin tone
When choosing a wedding dress, the color is not the most important, the important thing is that it should match the skin color. The brides with a fair complexion have a wide range of choices. Champagne wedding dresses are naturally very difficult to fit. A bride with a normal yellowish skin and a champagne wedding dress is a great choice. It is important to note that brides with dark-skinned, slightly darker skins should not choose champagne-colored wedding dresses to avoid making them look dull.

Tip 2: Matching wedding shoes
The wedding shoes that best match the champagne wedding dresses are of course the same color shoes. If there is embroidery on the upper, it can show the elegant taste of the bride. In addition, white, silver, beige, pearl color these light-colored wedding shoes can also be paired with champagne wedding dresses.

Tip 3: Match makeup
The main makeup with a champagne dress is the lip color, which is matched with light orange or almost colorless matte. In addition, in terms of eye shadow, you can choose light orange or light pink, and the effect of pearly light will be better.

Tip 4: Matching accessories
One of the highlights of champagne wedding dresses is the handbag. Choosing the same color handbag is a good choice. In addition, if the bride can match a pair of diamond earrings, then can instantly enhance the highlights of the champagne wedding dress!

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