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Bridesmaid Dresses Can Be Beautiful

The bride is undoubtedly a beautiful focus on the wedding, and the bridesmaids can also become a beautiful landscape. As the bride's best friends with full blessing, how to be the best supporting actress at the wedding?

ⅠThe Main Popular Colors of Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Crystal pink

Delicate, sweet pink is the perfect color for a Bridesmaid with a lovely heart.

2. Peachy apricot

Bright and lively color with feminine elegance and charm.

3. Fur yellow

A kind of bright, cheerful, and pleasant color. The healthier the complexion the bridesmaids have, the more beautiful the bridesmaids are.

4. Pink blue

A color of clear, transparent. It can give people a feeling of cool and fresh in the hot summer.

5. Royal purple

A kind of relaxing, comfortable, and soft color. Royal purple bridesmaid dresses give a different feeling which is suitable for elegant bridesmaids.

6. Ocean blue

Like the deep sea of calm and mystery, it belongs to navy blue but more lively and dynamic.

7. Lilac gray

A kind of high-level gray color with light purple which deposits more mysterious, elegant, and charm feelings. It must be particularly attractive at dinner.

8. Icy coffee

A kind of ice coffee color of natural and neutral gives people the feeling of elegance; and beauty with the balance between warm and cold color makes people feel soft and comfortable.

Ⅱ Taboo for the Color of Bridesmaids dress

1. Take the topic as delight with less color of black

For a celebration, add more red elements to the bridesmaid dress, such as a red skirt and a red belt. You can also wear warm red tones, such as light pink, yellowish and so on. But you'd better not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially not to wear black mesh socks, otherwise, people will think you are very frivolous and know nothing about etiquette.

2.  Avoid wearing the dress as the same color as the bride's

Tips: in western weddings, only the brides can wear white and the other female guests are not allowed to do so. But this year's popularity of white is an inevitable trend, so it is better to have other colors to match with the white. Do not wear pure white to show up because the bridesmaid's dress should be lighter than the bride dress in accordance with the wedding style (for example: if it is a pink theme wedding, the bridesmaids can wear pink dresses).

3. Avoid being too showy

If the wedding is held in the daytime, it is better to choose a monochrome bridesmaid dress to attend the formal wedding banquet. Pay attention to the color that too many colors it's bad for you. It will give people a sense of frivolity. And do not wear too bright dresses, otherwise, the bride will have a sense of disgust.

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