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Bridesmaid dress color summary

The protagonist of a wedding is definitely a newly married couple, especially the bride is a beautiful focus that focuses everyone's attention. The bridesmaid beside the bride, although only a supporting role, believes that the bride all hopes that her good sister will also be able to beautifully attend her most important ceremony as well.

1. Grey

In recent years, grey bridesmaid dresses have become increasingly popular. Light-colored, slightly romantic, and harmonious with most other colors, this is the magic gray. For a modern or cool wedding, it is good to choose a gray dress for the bridesmaids.

2. Purple

Purple has always been the popular color of bridesmaid dresses, elegant, noble, and beautiful. Because of the nature of this color, it is not suitable for weddings that are too cool. Choose a purple bridesmaid dress anytime you want!

purple satin bridesmaid dresses

3. Turquoise

The turquoise bridesmaid dress is suitable for bridesmaids of different skin tones. This beautiful color has the effect of making the bridesmaid's face healthy and mature.

Turquoise A Line Satin Face Chiffon Dress with Pleats

4. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is also a magical color that makes people cannot look away, it will make the bridesmaids have a different style and charm. Dresses with high saturation are relatively more solemn and will be more mature anddecent than light-colored dresses. Does the highly saturated fuchsia dress look formal?

5. Pink

Pink dresses is fresh and natural. It is more lively and playful, and can bring out the sweet temperament of the bridesmaid. Taking pictures in the bright sunshine is particularly good-looking.

quinceanera dresses hot pink

6. Pink orange

The vibrant pink-orange bridesmaid dress must be a beautiful scenery at a wedding! If your little sisters are lively andoutgoinggirls, don't miss it!

Light green is one of the popular colors nowadays. The dress of the bridesmaid needs to be consistent with the color of the wedding dress. The design is simple, and it must not be better than the bride's wedding dress. Most of the skirts are over the knee length skirts, elegant and dignified, and the skirt length less than the knees will appear less formal. The bridesmaid dress should be not obvious, too exposed to easily overwhelm the bride.

7. Navy Blue

Few people might consider black or navy blue bridesmaid dresses because the colors are too heavy. In fact, navy blue is more interesting and fashionable than black, and it is also suitable for bridesmaids of many skin tones. If your wedding is held by the sea, the dark dress will not be so dull. The length of the skirt should be just over the knee, so that the bridesmaids can laugh and play at will on the beach. Which one do you like?

navy blue quinceanera dresses

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