Bohemian Wedding Dress

Some people say that bohemian style is romantic and casual, and it is a representative of ethereal and free; some people say that marriage is a destination, serious and prudent. The two seem to be in conflict, but this does not prevent the bohemian style wedding dresses from becoming the bride's heart love: elegant tulle, romantic lace, beautiful long skirt, each of which can satisfy the bride's wonderful fantasy of romantic wedding.

Even a complicated wedding also want to go out of its own style. For a girl who loves freedom and advocates freedom, bohemian wedding dresses may win your heart, compared to wearing high heels, wearing heavyweight and wearing a veil or the expensive jewelry, why not go barefoot to the beach to hold a wedding? Dress up with flowers and do not have to be bound by courtesy and clothing, you can be a free bride on the wedding day! Here are 7 different traditional bridal dresses. In addition to the elegant temperament, it has more fun and you will fall in love!

  • Dress yourself up with flowers
  • Take off your high heels and walk barefoot.
  • Put on a simpler two-piece wedding dress
  • Add some messy but romantic dice to your hairstyle.
  • Try a long sleeve wedding dress
  • Put on a bohemian veil
  • Show creativity on the headdress
  • Cover yourself with white yarn
  • Let your sleeves float with romance

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