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Beach wedding dress

With the skirt flying in the breeze, andwith the sea as the background, strolling on the beach and kissing ...feel the taste of the brackish sea in the air, and the excitement of being a lifelong partner with the loved one, which is fascinating.

Many celebrities love island weddings. From the Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei to Yinger and Fu Xinbo, Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong, Jia Jingwen all chose the wedding address on the beautiful island.

The wedding dress styles suitable for island weddings range from extremely casual to highly decorative, which is also difficult to choose-the key is to find a wedding dress that suits your personality and beach wedding style. There is no doubt that thin silk, chiffon or laceare the ideal fabrics.

1. Summer dress style

If your character is unrestrained and longs for a free and relaxed feeling, thenyou can alsochoose a dress like the usual summer wearing. The mid-length, high-low ruffles or asymmetrical silhouettes all have a romantic and casual feel, but they are still exquisite.

Whether it's cotton, crochet or flowing chiffon, a shorter skirt can make you feel naturally relaxed, whether on a honeymoon or in warm weather, such as brunch, birthdays and garden parties, you can put it on again easily. Floral decoration, lace decoration or eyelet embroidery will be very attractive details.

2. The sense of air and transparency set off the sea most

For brides who want to wear formal dresses to get married by the sea, simple and smooth styling is the best choice. As long as your skirt is elegant and breathable, it will form a perfect contrast with the crystal blue water on sunny days.

3. Greek goddess style

Pure island brides will like simple petticoats and chiffon wrap skirts in the style of Greek goddesses. In fine fabrics, cotton poplin or smooth silk, the effect is perfect and fresh-with brightly colored garlands or blooming corollas.

greek goddess wedding dress

4. The sea mermaid

The fairy tale of the mermaid accompanies each girl’s childhood, and become the most beautiful and charming mermaid in this sea probably also the biggest wish of the brides who hold a wedding by the sea.

green mermaid dress

The fishtail wedding dress can maximize the bride's graceful figure, and the long tail leaves a mark of eternal love on the beach.

5. Marine elements

For pure romantics, blue has traditionally been chosen as a symbol of purity. Pastel tones can provide an additional delicatefeel for traditional white or ivory, no matterinwhat season, it looks beautiful.

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