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Basic knowledge of wedding dress fabric--lace

Lace has long appeared as an accessory for wedding dresses, and in recent years the whole lace wedding dress has become increasingly popular, embodying a sense of subtle luxury. There are many types of lace, and the cost of embroidery and beaded lace is high, and French lace is also a high-end product. Good lace generally feels soft and rich in layers.

Features of lace wedding dress

Lace has embroidered fabrics, which are the most commonly used fabrics for delicate wedding dresses such as soft lace and car bone lace. Its unique production process is particularly suitable for stitching beads to show the aristocratic temperament.

Fabric characteristics: Lace was originally used as an auxiliary material, with a luxuriously crafted sense of luxury and a characteristic that reflects the romantic atmosphere. At present, the frequency of the main material is increasing.

Suitable for styles: generally used for straight body or styles with small tails, covered on other fabrics, can reflect the exquisite figure of the bride, if used as accessories, any style can be used.

Reasons to choose a lace wedding dress

Lace makes the wedding dress more graceful and beautiful, which is very popular with brides. At the same time, the lace wedding dress also adds a romantic and charming color to the wedding.

The bride became more and more charming because she chose a lace wedding dress.

Lace wedding dresses are more suitable for matching a large number of sequin accessories. The accessories shine charmingly under the lights. For the bride, itcannot be too shiny.

Lace wedding dresses do not make any decoration, just simply trim, you can highlight the charm of the bride.

Lace fabrics are the most used fabrics in wedding dress production. Lace lovers can choose a wedding dress style that suits them according to their preferences at onemorecouture.com.

How to judge the quality by fabric?

The level of the fabric directly determines the grade of the wedding dress, and the brides can make a basic judgment on the wedding dress by understanding the fabric.

Softness: No matter which fabric is above, softness must be a standard to distinguish its quality. Raw materials and processing technology directly affect the softness of the fabric. You can feel the difference by touching it with your hands. The soft and delicate fabric can make the wedding dress more comfortable.

Shaping: High-quality fabrics will have bones even if they are soft, and can be shaped well. If the satin and yarn used as the skirt are poorly shaped, the entire outline will be soft and lack a three-dimensional feel. As for advanced lace, three-dimensional and docile are very important standards. Shaping is the most intuitive embodiment of the quality of the wedding dress.

Gloss: The gloss of satin and silk are also important judgment indicators. The gloss of high-grade satin is soft, not dazzling, and some are even as warm as milk; while the gloss of silk is similar to pearl, bright and not dazzling. By carefully observingand comparing, you can distinguish the quality. Some matte satin wedding dresses have also been popular recently.

Weight: The fabric is not the heavier the better, the weight here is more reflected in the drape. High-grade silk and chiffon are especially obvious. High-quality silk chiffon has weight, and this weight will make the elegant and light wedding dress have a three-dimensional sense and quality.

Lace is mainly different in patterns, so there is no specific distinction between the types, at most the three-dimensional and non-dimensional patterns.

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