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Basic Knowledge Of Chiffon Wedding Dress Fabric

First, introduction to chiffon wedding dress fabric

The chiffon in the wedding dress is a spinning product in silk products, with its fabric being light, transparent, soft, and elegant. The name comes from the sound meaning of French CHIFFE, which means light and transparent fabric.

The chiffon wedding dress can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette, and interwoven georgette according to the raw materials. If the weft is only twisted in one direction, the woven georgette woven is called normal-fiber georgette, which presents irregular crepe-like warp folds. The texture of georgette is light and transparent, and it touches soft and flexible. With a light and elegant appearance, it has good air permeability and drape, and it is elegant and comfortable to wear.

The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency, and silk crepe effect of the chiffon wedding dress mainly depend on the thickness of the silk thread, the number of combinations, the twist, and the density of warp and weft.

Second, how to distinguish what is a real high-end chiffon wedding dress?

The secret is to cut a small piece of fabric and burn it with a lighter. If it is a real chiffon wedding dress, it will emit white smoke and smell, and after drying the ashes will break apart. But if it's all burnt and not broken, you will know the ingredients are fake.

Third, the maintenance of a chiffon wedding dress

1. Do not hang the chiffon wedding dress in the closet for a long time, otherwise, the soft and loose chiffon will sag and deform.

2. Be careful not to get it wet. If it gets wet locally, just soak and wash, and finally, stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage.

3. Drain naturally after washing, do not wring out forcefully.

4. It is best to place the thickly decorated chiffon flat in the closet so that it is not easy to deform.

5. It is best to put it in a cloth pocket, which is ventilated without contaminating it with dust.

6. Pay attention to keep a long-distance when spraying perfume, so as not to leave a macula.

7. If there is wine or fat at the banquet, there are two tricks to clean.

Method 1: first use a paper towel to soak up, then find soy flour or flour and absorb the moisture on the surface. Then gently blow the powder away, and the stain will be naturally absorbed.

Method 2: it is more effective to wipe off stains with soda water.

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