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Morandi Matching Bridesmaid Dress Makes Your Wedding Extraordinary!

In the last two years, Morandi color has been very popular. From dress to home decoration, it is necessary to match this kind of high-grade color. So what exactly is Morandisse?

Look at the Morandi Sarkar. Does it feel super comfortable, visually and sensuously enjoyable ? We often call it "high-grade gray" when we add a layer of gray to the color. If you like minimalism as much as I do, Morandi is the best choice for entry-level users. No mistake can be made in casual matching. The bridesmaid dress with Morandi's color is even more amazing.

These are the colours that bridesmaid dress select the most, with blue and pink as the first batches.

So, what aspects should be taken to prepare bridesmaid dress?

1.Determine the color of bridesmaid dress according to the overall color system of the wedding
Refer to the Morandi color card above, or consult the planner directly. Generally, the choice of dresses will avoid white, black and red three colors. But I think we can try the red color with lower saturation. The following picture is suitable for girls who get married in autumn and winter. It will give people warmth. It's of a sense of thickness in spring and summer.

2. Decide the material of bridesmaid's dress according to the style of wedding
For example, the retro style can consider the satin dress, the lawn outdoor wind can consider cotton, hemp and cloth relatively small and fresh dress, and Island Wedding can choose Chiffon dress.

3. If there more than 3 bridesmaids, different colors of bridesmaids dress can be considered.
For example, the following homochromic system of different shades of collocation. It is harmony and brilliance.

4. Choose skirts as much as possible
Not every Bridesmaid has a good figure. Long skirts can effectively cover up the shortcomings while stretching the line. It is elegant and smart, which is the best choice. Of course, if your bridesmaids are fairies with good stature, half skirts must be considered, then beautiful legs must be displayed.
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