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How To Choose The Bridesmaid Dress For Chinese Wedding?

Many brides preparing for a Chinese wedding have a headache about how to solve the bridesmaid dress. It should not only conform to the Chinese tradition, but also make girlfriends beautiful. Is it possible? Of course. There are so many perfect Chinese bridesmaid dresses.

I. Cheongsam
Cheongsam originates from the traditional clothing of Manchu female. After Republican China, it was improved based on this traditional clothing by Han female in Shanghai and Peiping. The improved cheongsam is tailored close to the body, showing the concave and convex feeling of women. It is dignified and elegant. Because it rose after the Republic of China, it is suitable to be used as bridesmaid dress for new Chinese wedding. 

II. Xiaofengxian
"Xiaofengxian Dress" is also a kind of cheongsam, which evolved from the long gown of Manchu women in Qing Dynasty. It has a close waist and fashionable tailoring. The biggest feature is the vertical collar.

III. Xiuhe dress
Xiuhe dress is a kind of dragon and Phoenix coat. It is more gorgeous, so many brides will be used as wedding dresses. It is also great to choose simple and elegant style as bridesmaid dress.

IV. Hanfu
Generally speaking, as long as it is Han marriage, whether it is Zhou or Tang Han marriage, bridesmaids should wear Hanfu to meet the theme of the whole wedding.

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