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Choose The Right Color Of Bridesmaid Dress To Make The Spring And Summer Wedding More Splendid

It's spring and summer. The air is sweet. What color bridesmaid dress should we choose to attend the wedding? It can neither be too dazzling, overwhelming the bride's style, nor too dull, not in line with the theme of spring and summer. At the same time, we should also consider the wedding theme, venue bridesmaids, personality temperament. Are the fairies having a headache about it? Today, I will analyze the popular colors of spring and summer for fairies and choose the right bridesmaid dress to make your wedding more splendid.

As long as fairies remember the three principles of selecting bridesmaid dress, it is easy to find the color of bridesmaid dress suitable for spring and summer weddings.

I. The color of bridesmaid dress should correspond to or complement the main tone of the wedding.

This is the most important principle to choose the color of bridesmaid dress. The keynote of spring and summer weddings is mostly light and beautiful. Therefore, gentle and elegant or lively colors are good choices. Usually a wedding will use two or three tones, one of which will be the main color. The remaining complementary colors will complement and enrich the wedding color. For example, in a pink, white and gold wedding, pink is the main color, and white and gold is the auxiliary color. The easiest way to choose the color of bridesmaid dress is to echo the main color. After taking a picture, it will also be very harmonious from the perspective of color.

II. The color of bridesmaid dress should correspond to the wedding venue.

Spring and summer festivals are especially suitable for outdoor weddings. Bridesmaid dress can be chosen in small, fresh colors with low saturation, such as light cornel powder, island paradise blue and vegetation green. These colors can be matched with outdoor flowers and plants, and it is super-matching. You can also choose all colors with high saturation, such as feather cabbage green and primrose yellow. Like sunshine and blue sky, it is fierce and unrestrained.

III . The color of bridesmaid dress should correspond to the temperament of the bride.

You may find it a little strange. Is the bridesmaid dress not worn on the bridesmaid? What does it have to do with the bride? However, there will be many pictures of brides and bridesmaids. In choosing the color of bridesmaid dress, it is necessary to highlight and set off the bride's temperament. For example, you are clearly a little princess, but you choose the color of dark Gothic system as bridesmaid dress. It seems very incompatible for bridesmaids to stand beside you. You are a queen, but you choose the naive blue pink as bridesmaid dress. It looks awkward. Of course, besides the three most important elements, you should also consider the color and temperament of the bridesmaid, but in the final analysis,
everything should highlight the beauty of the bride.

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