Wedding Dresses

Brief Introduction of Wedding Dresses Style1

Wearing a white wedding dress, holding flowers in hand, holding your lover's hand lightly, you hold a sacred wedding ceremony in the church. It's probably a dream in every girl's heart. At the wedding ceremony, the bride wants to be the most charming, but there are many elementary questions about the wedding dress. The same wedding dress is not suitable for every bride.

Here the wedding dresses style is divided into several categories, so that the bride can quickly choose the appropriate wedding dress according to her own needs.

1.Princess wedding dress
Princess wedding dress, also known as A-skirt wedding dress, is a more classical style of wedding dress. Cutting with vertical sharp lines, the upper body fits well and the hem widens gradually. Because of the convergence of the skirt shape, the bride can walk freely and gracefully. This style is suitable for brides of various shapes.

2.Fishtail wedding dress
It's the most popular fish tail for brides. Satin, Eugene gauze, lace and other fabrics can deduce the fishtail wedding dress, which is suitable for brides with curved body. It gives people a sense of nobility and maturity. It is designed with the concept of thin and narrow. The wide skirt with mermaid's tail below the knee is designed to show the bride's figure well at the wedding scene.

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